The stability of the system and data security delivered by the memory modules with ECC technology, is especially important in workstations and servers, where reliability is one of the key factors. Memory modules can also be used in industrial applications.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    DDR3: 4, 8 GB DDR4: 4, 8, 16 GB
  • DIMM form factor
  • Major-grade memory chips
  • supply voltage
    DDR3: 1,5 V and 1,35 V
    DDR4: 1,2 V
  • frequency:
    DDR3: 1333, 1600 MHz
    DDR4: 2133, 2400, 2666 MHz
  • lifetime warranty + technical support
Increased reliability and stability of operation even in a 24/7 mode
Financial savings on server and data center maintenance and equipment
Reduction of energy consumption by up to 20%
Increased efficiency of workstations

ECC function

During the information exchange process, RAM memory is exposed to errors caused by operation interference, which can lead to loss of data or system instability. An additional safety feature, the Error Correction Code (ECC) function, has been implemented to detect and eliminate errors. The ECC function does not affect the other parameters of the module. Thanks to this technology, ECC memory ensures greater stability of the computer system.

Stable operation of the modules

The data correction function is not only reserved for server solutions and is also suitable for standard motherboards with AMD chipsets. Additional advantages of this memory are stability of, data patrol mechanism, and thanks to the use of selected chips – the highest quality of workmanship.

Quality of server memory

Other advantages of ECC memory include: stable operation, data monitoring mechanism, and thanks to the careful selection of memory chips – the highest quality of build and performance.


DDR3: 4 GB, 8 GB
DDR4: 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

Memory type



DDR3: 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz
DDR4: 2133 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz


DDR3: 1,5 V
DDR3: 1,35 V
DDR4: 1,2 V


CL7, CL9, CL11, CL13, CL15, CL17, CL19

DDR3 ECC specifications

ProductVoltageCapacityChips organizationTypeClock
W-MEM1333E3D84G1.5 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
LV W-MEM1333E3D84GLV1.35 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
VLP W-MEM13E3D84G VLP1.5 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
LV VLP W-MEM13E3D84GLV VLP1.35 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
W-MEM1333E3D88G1.5 V8 GB512x8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
LV W-MEM1333E3D88GLV 1.35 V8 GB512x8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
VLP W-MEM13E3D88G VLP1.5 V8 GB512x8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
LV VLP W-MEM13E3D88GLV VLP1.35 V8 GB512x8DDR3 ECC1333 MHz
W-MEM1600E3D84G1.5 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
LV W-MEM1600E3D84GLV 1.35 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
VLP W-MEM16E3D84G VLP1.5 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
LV VLP W-MEM16E3D84GLV VLP1.35 V4 GB256×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
W-MEM1600E3D88G1.5 V8 GB512×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
LV W-MEM1600E3D88GLV1.35 V8 GB512×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
VLP W-MEM16E3D88G VLP1.5 V8 GB512×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz
LV VLP W-MEM16E3D88GLV VLP1.35 V8 GB512×8DDR3 ECC1600 MHz

GOODRAM reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.

DDR4 ECC specifications

ProductVoltageCapacityChips organizationTypeClock
W-MEM2133E4S84G 1.2 V4 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2133 MHz
W-MEM2133E4S88G 1.2 V8 GB1024×8DDR4 ECC2133 MHz
W-MEM2133E4D88G 1.2 V8 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2133 MHz
W-MEM2133E4D816G1.2 V16 GB1024×8DDR4 ECC2133 MHz
W-MEM2400E4S84G 1.2 V4 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2400 MHz
W-MEM2400E4S88G 1.2 V8 GB1024×8DDR4 ECC2400 MHz
W-MEM2400E4D88G 1.2 V8 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2400 MHz
W-MEM2400E4D816G1.2 V16 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2400 MHz
W-MEM2666E4S88G 1.2 V8 GB1024×8DDR4 ECC2666 MHz
W-MEM2666E4D88G1.2 V8 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2666 MHz
W-MEM2666E4D816G1.2 V16 GB512×8DDR4 ECC2666 MHz

GOODRAM reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.

Modern SMT production line,
warehouse and R&D department
located in a factory in Poland.

Implemented AOI/SPI visual inspection procedures of the finished product and application of Burn-in tests, including thermal acceleration process

individual component selection, manufacturing
and RAM validation process for the specific
application of the memory