Everything you need to know about RGB backlighting

Последнее изменение: 15 марта 2023

RGB backlit memory modules allow you to personalize your computer more widely with lighting effects. IRDM DDR4 RGB modules have 8 LEDs with the possibility of any configuration. What kind of backlighting is it? We will answer this question in this short material.

What is RGB backlighting?

RGB (Red-Green-Blue) backlighting, is a type of backlighting that uses three basic colors — red, green, blue. The combination of these colors makes it possible to create a wide range of shades, which reaches up to 16 million combinations. This type of backlighting is popularly used in computers and in the components themselves from the early days of its implementation.

Standard RGB backlighting allows you to choose only one backlighting color from these 16 million combinations. You can choose any color you want, but it is worth knowing that this type of backlighting does not allow for spectacular lighting effects.

What are the differences between RGB and ARGB?

ARGB (Adressable Red-Green-Blue) backlighting, is a type of backlighting that is far more advanced and flexible compared to standard RGB. ARGB backlighting uses addressable LEDs, which allow any configuration of a particular LED independently of the others. The use of ARGB LEDs allows for greater precision and more complex backlighting effects. You can use one of the interesting lighting effects like «Rainbow», «Strobe», «Starry-Night» and many others.

Exactly this type of ARGB backlighting was used in our IRDM DDR4 RGB memory modules.

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