Give your opponents no chance and use your computer to its maximum potential. Designed for gamers and professionals, IRDM RGB DDR4 memory modules with LED lighting are a guarantee of extraordinary performance and visual effects tailored to your computer setup.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    DC: 16 GB
  • Available colors:
  • RGB Lighting
  • High-speed DDR4 technology
  • Capacity - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB kit)
  • 3600 MHz frequency at 18-22-22 timings
  • Lifetime warranty


Enthusiasts value performance, but they also appreciate it if performance goes hand in hand with design. That’s why each module is equipped with 8 LEDs. The latest IRDM memory modules are compatible with RGB lighting control software from leading motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASRock. Program the colors the way you want and enjoy the impressive visual effects.


With carefully selected and tested memory components and a frequency of 3600 MHz, you can enjoy stable and fast module performance whether your computer is used for gaming, content creation, or online streaming.


RDM RGB modules work with XMP profiles and are compatible with AMD Ryzen processors, which makes it possible to set memory parameters according to your preferences and enjoy the power offered by the first RGB modules from the Polish manufacturer.

Module type


Module capacity

DC: 2 x 8 GB


3600 MHz




1,35 V

PCB color


Heatsink color





IRG-36D4L18S/16GDC16 GBDIMM DDR4Dual Channel3600 MHz18-22-22Black, LED RGB5908267961520

Goodram reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.
Detailed technical specification can be found in the DOWNLOAD section.

Form factor Size File
Product brochure PDF 1 MB
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Photos ZIP 13 MB

"So I would definitely recommend you (...) to buy. The modules performed well in the tests and look very good. I had no problems with their stability on the new Intel platform. What's more, by keeping the Gear 1 and factory latency you can gain an extra 400 MHz, which will translate into higher scores e.g. in games. The lifetime warranty is also definitely a plus."

"We can recommend the IRDM RGB memory to those people who assemble a new, inexpensive gaming PC and pay attention to the appearance of the hardware. We get good parameters and an interesting design. The choice of modules is also supported by an affordable price (...). Hardware like this deserves a recommendation!"

"The IRDM 2x8 GB 3600 MHz CL18 RGB draws attention with its beautiful matte-black heatsink, above which the LEDs are placed. These are shielded by translucent milky-coloured plastic, which guarantees a pleasant, atmospheric diffusion of the light they emit."

[ES]: "To date, all IRDM memory kits have been characterised by outstanding performance, a discreet and elegant design and good value for money, features that the IRDM RGB 3600 MHz modules also possess. The exception is their design breaking away from discreetness through RGB illumination, which makes them very visually striking."

[IT]: "The RGB lighting system looks very good (...). This definitely enhances the product and makes it suitable for most gaming bulids."

[ES]: "As expected performance, excellent thermal behaviour, lifetime warranty and an additional important brand asset - the assembly of the modules in the European Union."

[FR]: "The design is simple, effective and will fit any DDR4 configuration. (...) The lighting effects are really good thanks to the large diffuser and the right amount of LEDs. (...) We highly recommend this RAM!"

[IT]: "(...) RAMs are very interesting both in terms of performance and aesthetics. The large LED strip makes the model stand out from the competition."

[ES]: "The IRDM RGB modules feature an aluminium heatsink topped with an illuminated ARGB stripe for a modern, gaming aesthetic."

[ES]: "The excellent performance offered by IRDM modules (...) is obvious, as are the benefits this component brings to any compatible computer capable of exploiting its advantages. Of course, the advantages of the IRDM product do not only apply to entertainment. In addition, their aesthetics delight, as the striking RGB backlighting of the modules significantly changes the appearance of any computer."

Full manufacturer support

IRDM brand is distinguished by the uncompromising quality and modern solutions created with professionals and gamers in mind. RGB memory modules are no different. You can count on technical support and lifetime warranty. Each memory module coming off the production line of the Polish manufacturer is subjected to the most demanding tests. All this is done so that the product you hold in your hand can provide the quality you expect.

Durable heatsink

The black heatsink, constructed from a combination of aluminum,
silicon, and magnesium, impresses with its durability and can easily
handle the temperature inside your machine. The timeless design
will appeal to even the most demanding users.