Memory cards for special tasks

Latest modification: 9 January 2023


Action Cameras available on the market are dedicated for both professional and everyday use. Extreme sports, unfriendly weather conditions or exposure to shocks force Action Camera manufacturers to provide solutions with superior build quality and endurance. Apart from meeting certain physical requirements or standards, cameras can’t be called “action” without being able to record, process and store high quality video in the most rugged environment possible.

Action cameras and camcorders

For the action camera to fulfill its functions, apart from meeting the physical requirements it must meet certain technical specifications like high resolution and frame rate of the recorded video. Currently available action cameras can record 4K resolution movies and capture 240 frames per second videos. Similar capabilities are offered by the most recent dashcams available on the market. The most desirable features of these devices are their high build quality, smoothness of recording and ability to store large amounts of data.

A dashcam should capture the image in a continuous manner, which involves the device to operate for many hours, without any interruption.

In order to meet the needs of users, the device as well as memory card it was equipped with, must provide exceptional operating parameters. Fast transfer speed and high write endurance (that is crucial for dashcams) are just one of the features expected from these cards. Other important factor is the resistance to extreme weather conditions, no matter if the card is in operating or idle state

Make the right choice!

Even the most expensive device may not meet customers’ expectations out of the box without right accessories. To guarantee an optimal operation of sports cameras and dashcams it is highly recommended to use dedicated memory cards which, based on the offer the highest speed and endurance, driven by the leading technology

Note! It should be kept in mind that not every memory card offered on the market fulfills these expectations. It is important from the salesman’s as as well as customer’s point of view to choose the right accessories, in this case – memory cards, enabling the user to fully take advantage of the purchased device..

Our choice


KIOXIA EXCERIA HIGH ENDURANCE microSD memory cards allow up to 40,000 hours of Full HD video recording and capacity up to 256GB. Designed specifically for surveillance and dashboard cameras, its high endurance capability makes it suitable for continuous writing and rewriting, reduces the possibility of video recording failures. Built with BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory and stringent quality control, the EXCERIA HIGH ENDURANCE microSD card offers both peace-of-mind and an economical option.

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IRDM UHS-I U3 microCARD brings high performance and reliability for everyone who wants to shoot 4K and slow motion videos or shoot high quality JPEG/RAW pictures in fast burst modes. Read speed up to 100 MB/s and write speed up to 70 MB/s delivers productivity for people who want to capture every moment in high quality and store it for many years.Rated UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 60 (V60), the IRDM card lets you capture the perfect moment in wide range of applications, no matter if it’s action camera, drone, portable gaming console, dashcam or other high-end device.

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IRP-S6B0 IRDM PRO UHS-II U3 is a high-performance memory card designedfor recording 4K videos, 3D & 360° photography and shooting high quality JPEG or RAW photos in burst-mode. It’s a reliable product that delivers high performance and superb joy of use. Read speed up to 265 MB/s and write speed up to 120 MB/s delivers productivity for people who ant to capture every moment in high quality and store it for many years. Rated UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 60 (V60), the IRDM PRO UHS-II card lets you capture the perfect moment in wide range of applications, no matter if it’s professional amera, drone or other high-end device. IRDM PRO memory cards are based on the UHS-II interface with U3 speed, to provide maximum performance, no matter if you read or write data. V60 video speed class (VSC) guarantees a minimum sustained write speed of 60 MB/s.

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