Latest modification: 8 March 2019

Our sales team led by Mr. Wiesław Wilk took part in Embedded World 2019 in Nurnberg, Germany – the biggest in Europe and one of the most influential industrial trade fairs in the world. We presented our high-end industrial solutions for the memory market, which can be tailored to a very specific applications.

Over 40% of 32.000 attendees were foreigners, hailing from over 70 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas. During this year’s fair they were able to see over 1.000 exhibitors from 52 countries.

GOODRAM Industrial presented not only their products but their newly acquired partner as well. At the beginning of 2019 the company signed a cooperation agreement with RUTRONIK – a world-wide leader in industry solutions distribution. This cooperation between two renowned brands will bring our customers closer to the applications they need and will provide new clients with our high-end memory modules to grow their business.