DDR4 generation is currently the most popular format in the family of memory modules, chosen by users. We offer products dedicated to computers from leading manufacturers. The full offer can be found in the Technical Data tab.

Principales caractéristiques
  • Capacités de stockage disponibles:
    4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
  • Form factor:
    288-pin DIMM
    260-pin SODIMM
  • Supply voltage 1,2 V
  • Frequency: 2666 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2133 MHz
  • Fully compatible with your device
  • Lifetime warranty + technical support
All in One devices
Mini PCs

Guaranteed reliability

Goodram dedicated memories are manufactured according to the requirements and specifications of the target device. Thanks to the use of the best quality components and multi-stage verification, we are sure that the highest quality products get into the hands of customers.

  • Top quality, branded components
  • Multi-stage verification of finished product and test platforms with proprietary software
  • Compliance with device specifications
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Frequency up to 3200 MHz
  • Ability to lower CL latency without XMP profile

Personalize your hardware with dedicated products


  • Unique part number
  • Custom SPD prepared for the client
  • Label personalization
  • Laser case marking
  • Can be sold in retail or bulk packaging
  • Low MOQs, ability to set minimum stock levels and delivery times

Caractéristiques principales

Configuration des modules à simple ou double rangée
DDR4 à profil bas
Test à 100 % sur des plates-formes d'essai
S'échauffer dans une chambre thermique
Production à partir de copeaux de la plus haute qualité
Assistance produit à vie
Liste fixe de composants
Notification de changement de produit et notification de fin de vie

4 GB
8 GB
16 GB

Type de mémoire



2133 MHz
2400 MHz
2666 MHz




1,2 V


AcerDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-AR26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AcerDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-AR26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AcerDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-AR26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
AcerDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-AR26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AcerDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-AR26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
AcerDDR4SODIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-AR26S08G260PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AusDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-AS26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AsusDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-AS26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AsusDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-AS26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
AsusDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-AS26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
AsusDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-AS26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
AsusDDR4SODIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-AS26S08G260PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
DELLDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-DL26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
DELLDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-DL26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
DELLDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-DL26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
DELLDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-DL26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
DELLDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-DL26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
HPDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-HP26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
HPDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-HP26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
HPDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-HP26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
HPDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-HP26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
HPDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-HP26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
HPDDR4SODIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-HP26S08G260PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
LenovoDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-LO26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
LenovoDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-LO26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
LenovoDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-LO26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
LenovoDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-LO26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
LenovoDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-LO26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
LenovoDDR4SODIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-LO26S08G260PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
FujitsuDDR4DIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-FU26D08G288PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8
FujitsuDDR4DIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-FU26D16G288PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
FujitsuDDR4DIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-FU26D04G288PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
FujitsuDDR4SODIMM16 GB2666 MHzW-FU26S16G260PIN 16GB PC4-21300 1GX8
FujitsuDDR4SODIMM4 GB2666 MHzW-FU26S04G260PIN 4GB PC4-21300 512MX8
FujitsuDDR4SODIMM8 GB2666 MHzW-FU26S08G260PIN 8GB PC4-21300 1GX8

Goodram se réserve le droit de modifier les spécifications à tout moment sans en informer au préalable.

Memory dedicated to... customer needs

Full control of the production process and in-house manufacturing facilities allow full customization of the product

Stand out from the competition

From now on, memory modules installed in the device you sell will be signed with your logo, will be marked with your individual label and part number and uploaded custom SPD.