The UUN2 memory case is a combination of subtlety and elegance, as well as extreme durability. The UUN2 is a steel memory stick without a cap and finished with a shiny eyelet. This allows the pendrive to be attached to a key ring, keys or lanyard. In turn, the design of the medium is a practical solution which makes the problem of a lost cap disappear.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
  • Available colors:
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • lifetime warranty + technical support

An Elegant flash drive

The jewel-like appearance of the UUN2 will certainly be noticed by those who appreciate original design. The extremely simple shape of the casing, combined with the shiny eyelet, is sure to appeal to many users. The silver steel casing guarantees the durability of the device and ensures safe use in any situation.

Increased resistance with steel housing

The robust design of the UUN2 memory stick is appreciated by a wide range of USB memory stick users. The durable steel casing of the UUN2 stands out from other memory sticks due to its original and timeless design. In addition, it provides much greater resistance to damage to the medium and, above all, protects the data stored on it.

Endurance for the most active

The USB UUN2 is relatively compact in size and weight. It is also waterproof and shockproof thanks to the COB (Chip On Board) technology. This solution is characterised by mounting the silicon cores of the memory chips together with the controller on a common printed circuit board. The chip is then encapsulated in a special resin. The use of this technology significantly improves user comfort. As a result, the UUN2 can be used in virtually any conditions and will certainly appeal to active people who value both the practical qualities of the media and their external appearance.


16 GB
32 GB
64 GB


USB 2.0 type A backwards compatible with USB 1.1

Speed of operation

read: up to 20 MB/s
write: up to 5 MB/s


42,5 × 12,1 × 4,5 mm

Weight (without packaging)

9 g

Blister dimensions

103 x 123 mm

Power supply

USB port

Operating temperature

0°C – 70°C (recommended)

Storage temperature

-25°C – 85°C (recommended)

Operating and storage humidity

5 ~ 95% (recommended)

Compatibility with operating systems

Windows 2000 SP4 and newer, MacOS 10.5.x and newer, Linux v.2.6.x and newer

Logistics data

Storage capacity for Goodram USB is always expressed in decimal values. That means, 1 GB equals 1 000 000 000 bytes. Operating system that use the binary conversion ie. 1 GB equals 1 073 741 824 bytes may show lower storage capacity value than advertised.
16 GB UUN2 SILVER USB 2.016 GBUSB 2.0UUN2-0160S0R115908267920367
32 GB UUN2 SILVER USB 2.032 GBUSB 2.0UUN2-0320S0R115908267920428
64 GB UUN2 SILVER USB 2.0 64 GBUSB 2.0UUN2-0640S0R11 5908267935163

Goodram reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.

Form factor Size File
Product brochure PDF 0.3 MB
Manual PDF 1 MB
Photos ZIP 3 MB