UCU2 USB 2.0

The small UCU2 USB flash drive is made of anodized aluminum. It is very durable and can be permanently attached to keys or kept in a wallet. Thanks to this, important data, photos and favorite videos are always close to the user. UCU2 features a rotating locking system, and the use of COB technology makes this small flash drive shock-proof and water-resistant.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
  • Available colors:
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • lifetime warranty + technical support

Small size for big things

The UCU2 housing is just around 3 cm long, yet this flash drive can store up to 64 GB of data. The small size allows convenient data transfer and storage of this flash drive. For example it can be carried next to keys or in wallet. UCU2 rotary locking system provides additional functionality, and the lack of cap will allow even the most absent-minded users to enjoy the flash drive for a long time.

Aluminum housing

UCU2 housing is made of anodized aluminum, which not only looks good, but also protects the flash drive against mechanical damage. UCU2 USB flash drive uses the COB (chip on board) technology – silicon memory chips and controller were mounted on a single printed circuit, and covered with special resin.

Durability for the active users

Thanks to its durability, small size and weight, this flash drive has gained an additional, important advantage: it is waterproof and shock-proof, providing even greater comfort of use. On the other hand, the housing made of anodized aluminum also protects against the external damage.


8, 16, 32, 64 GB


USB 2.0 type A backwards compatible with USB 1.1

Speed of operation

read: up to 20 MB/s
write: up to 5 MB/s


33.0 x 12.3 x 6.0 mm

Weight (without packaging)

5 g

Blister dimensions

103 mm (width) x 123 mm (height)

Power supply

USB port

Operating temperature

0 - 70°C (recommended)

Storage temperature

-25 - 85°C (recommended)

Operating and storage humidity

5 ~ 95% (recommended)

Compatibility with operating systems

Windows 2000 SP4 and newer, MacOS 10.5.x and newer, Linux v.2.6.x and newer

Logistics data

Storage capacity for GOODRAM USB is always expressed in decimal values. That means, 1GB equals 1 000 000 000 bytes. Operating system that use the binary conversion ie. 1GB equals 1,073,741,824 bytes may show lower storage capacity value than advertised.
8GB UCU2 BLACK USB 2.08 GBUSB 2.0UCU2-0080K0R115908267921647
16GB UCU2 BLACK USB 2.016 GBUSB 2.0UCU2-0160K0R115908267921654
32GB UCU2 BLACK USB 2.032 GBUSB 2.0UCU2-0320K0R115908267921661
64GB UCU2 BLACK USB 2.064 GBUSB 2.0UCU2-0640K0R115908267921678

GOODRAM reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.

Form factor Size File
Product brochure PDF 0.1 MB
Manual PDF 1 MB
Photos ZIP 6 MB