IRDM DDR5 modules – made to feel the difference

Say goodbye to limitations and take your PC to a new level of gaming with IRDM DDR5 memory modules! The latest technology guarantees even higher performance, speed and capacity. All this will allow you to squeeze maximum performance from the latest DDR5-compatible platforms!

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    32 GB 64 GB
  • Available colors:
  • Latest DDR5 technology
  • Capacities up to 64 GB Dual Channel
  • Frequencies up to 6800 MHz
  • Lowest latencies on the market
  • Lifetime warranty

Work and play like a pro

Maximise the action with the tremendous speed of low-profile IRDM DDR5 modules. You will get unparalleled smoothness even when running multiple applications at the same time, thus increasing your work efficiency. Do you have long, demanding gaming sessions ahead of you? There is no room for compromise here. Modules clocked at up to 6800 MHz respond instantly to system signals for smooth gameplay and operation.

Push the limits of performance

The new memory standard is a huge technological leap. It involves a colossal performance difference. DDR5 modules provide as much as a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to generation four, as well as a higher capacity achieved by doubling the number of banks. This means impressive performance in the latest games and data handling software or demanding applications such as rendering or animation.

Enhanced power management

Stability at extreme clock rates is ensured by PMIC technology, an integrated power management IC. IRDM DDR5 modules offer tremendous speed and efficiency while maintaining stability and even lower power consumption. DDR5 memories consume up to 30% less power than previous generations.

Easy overclocking

IRDM DDR5 memory modules are equipped with an SPD HUB, a chip with a built-in temperature sensor. This allows relevant information to be sent via the I3C bus to configure settings such as speed and latency. For OC modules, it enables the loading of the XMP profile. Support for the Intel® XMP 3.0 profile and AMD EXPO facilitates overclocking without the need for complex configuration in the BIOS.

Reliable technology

Built-in on-die ECC (error correction code) technology eliminates virtually all bit errors in the DRAM module. This makes it possible to achieve almost total reliability. All so that you can fearlessly achieve more – together with your hardware.

Get ready for the future now! Join the community of IRDM users and discover second to none potential. Take the challenge and change the way you work, create and play!

About us

IRDM is a Polish brand of computer memory manufactured by Wilk Elektronik SA.
Since its inception in 2017, IRDM offers RAM modules, SSDs and memory cards for gamers, enthusiasts and professionals. Carefully selected components, thoughtful design and high technical parameters of Polish memories guarantee entertainment and work culture at the highest level.
More than 30 years of market and manufacturing experience, in-house engineering and R&D solutions combined with advanced quality control procedures, are a guarantee of reliable and innovative products from the Polish brand.
IRDM products are available not only in Poland, but also in Europe and beyond. Memories from the Polish factory are constantly gaining positive reviews and opinions from journalists, influencers, gamers and electronic industry experts.

Module type



DC: 32 GB, 64 GB


5600 MHz
6000 MHz
6400 MHz
6800 MHz



Supply voltage

1,25 V
1,35 V
1,45 V

PCB colour


Heatsink colour




Logistics data

IRDM DDR5 2048x85600 MHz30-36-3632 GBDCIR-5600D564L30S/32GDC5908267964897
IRDM DDR52048x85600 MHz30-36-3664 GBDCIR-5600D564L30/64GDC5908267964903
IRDM DDR52048x86000 MHz30-36-3632 GBDCIR-6000D564L30S/32GDC5908267964910
IRDM DDR52048x86000 MHz30-38-3864 GBDCIR-6000D564L30/64GDC5908267964927
IRDM DDR52048x86400 MHz32-38-3832 GBDCIR-6400D564L32S/32GDC5908267964934
IRDM DDR52048x86400 MHz32-38-3864 GBDCIR-6400D564L32/64GDC5908267964958
IRDM DDR52048x86800 MHz34-40-4032 GBDCIR-6800D564L34S/32GDC5908267964965
IRDM DDR52048x86800 MHz34-44-4464 GBDCIR-6800D564L34/64GDC5908267964941

IRDM may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice.

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