The Goodram PX700 drive is the latest solution for the most demanding users looking for reliable memory with the fastest fourth generation interface. It is thanks to the PCIe 4 x4 standard that the drive can reach speeds of up to 7,400 MB/s. The performance of the PX700 drive is sure to be appreciated by gamers, computer graphic designers and professionals who handle large video and photo files.

The new Goodram PX700 is ideal for users who want to increase the performance and responsiveness of their computer or laptop. It is also great for gamers who need more space for data and games in their PlayStation™ console. The PX700 drive’s blazing fast read and write speeds directly translate into smooth performance, fast loading of games and applications, and faster operations. The high read and write speeds are almost double those of the previous generation of drives, and in addition the speed of Goodram’s latest solution utilises the maximum capabilities of the fourth generation of drives.

The Goodram PX700 SSD is available in a wide range of capacities: from 1 TB to as much as 4 TB, allowing you to perfectly match the drive to your needs.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    1024 GB 2048 GB 4096 GB
  • Available colors:
  • PCIe gen. 4 x4 NVMe interface
  • HMB 3.0 technology
  • 3D NAND technology
  • 5-year TBW* limited warranty with free technical support

Maximum performance from the fourth generation

Taking full advantage of the capabilities of the most popular generation of SSDs, read speeds of up to 7,400 MB/s for reading and 6,500 MB/s for writing can be achieved. Until recently, similar values were reserved only for the most expensive solutions available on the market.

Faster speed, longer life – discover more!

The Goodram PX700 uses HMB 3.0 technology, known as Host Memory Buffer, for memory management, which enables efficient allocation of individual memory bits using the computer’s operating memory. HMB 3.0 guarantees stable and lightning-fast data read and write speeds, resulting in faster application launches and lightning-fast game and file loads. Thanks to the Host Memory Buffer, data is available at all times without delay, which is extremely important when using demanding applications and advanced software. In addition, the Goodram PX700 is capable of optimised power management, resulting in lower power consumption, which in turn extends laptop uptime, which is important for mobile users.

Your data security

A high TBW (Total Bytes Written) level of up to 2,400 TB is a very important indicator of the Goodram PX700 SSD. TBW is a measure of a drive’s durability and lifespan, which indicates the total amount of data that can be written to an SSD over the entire warranty period before the drive reaches its theoretical limits. The higher the TBW rating, the more durable the media is, and the less prone to failures due to intensive writing and reading of data. TBW is particularly important in professional applications and when there is a need for intensive writing of large file sizes.

Forget the limitations and enhance the user experience

The Goodram PX700 PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe drive is the flagship of the latest generation of drives, boasting unparalleled performance and versatile compatibility. With its universal format, the PX700 drive is ideal for a variety of applications where speed, performance and data throughput are critical.

The PX700 is the perfect solution for desktops, workstations and laptops, especially those used for graphics, video editing and advanced entertainment. It provides extremely fast data transfer rates, reduced loading times for games and applications and enhanced overall PC performance.

Broad compatibility

In addition, the PX700 drive meets the most stringent memory expansion requirements of PlayStation™ consoles, which come with a limited amount of memory from the factory. This limitation makes it difficult to comfortably store more games and affects the convenience of using the console. The use of the PX700 SSD significantly improves the quality and performance of gameplay while enhancing the console experience.

Temperature under control

The Goodram PX700 SSD features a low-profile heatsink made from graphene. This material is one of the best thermal conductors. The graphene heatsink is excellent at dissipating the heat generated by the SSD components, helping to keep the SSD at the right temperature. Ensuring optimal temperatures is key, as lower temperatures affect the stability of the PX700 drive and increase its lifespan.

Thanks to an efficient cooling system, the Goodram PX700 drive has minimal throttling, or performance degradation caused by overheating. This guarantees maximum performance even during intensive use.

Up to 5 year warranty!

The PX700 SSD is covered by up to 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. All available capacities are limited by the same warranty period.


1024 GB
2048 GB
4096 GB


M.2 PCIe NVMe gen 4 x4 (M key)


M.2 size 2280

Nand Flash

3D NAND Flash


1,500,000 hours

Operating temperature

0°C – 70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C – 85°C


80 x 22 x 2,65 mm


1Based on tests performed in Crystal Disk Mark 6.0.0 on a new SSD. Performance may vary depending on computer configuration or SSD usage.
2Once the TBW value is exceeded or 5 years have passed, the product is no longer under warranty.
1024 GB2048 GB4096 GB
Sequential data reading (max.)17 400 MB/s7 4000 MB/s7 400 MB/s
Sequential data recording (max.)16 500 MB/s6 500 MB/s6 500 MB/s
TBW (TB)2600 TB1 200 TB2 400 TB

Logistics data

Goodram PX7001 024 GBBlister; package contains: SSDSSDPR-PX700-01T-805908267965047
Goodram PX7002 048 GBBlister; package contains: SSDSSDPR-PX700-02T-805908267965054
Goodram PX7004 096 GBBlister; package contains: SSDSSDPR-PX700-04T-805908267965061


Storage capacities for Goodram SSDs, are shown in decimal values. This means that 1GB corresponds to 1,000,000,000 bytes. Operating systems based on binary conversion i.e. 1GB - 1,073,741,824 bytes, may show a lower capacity than specified. For more information on capacities, please visit
Capacity in specificationCapacity visible in the operating system
1 024 GB954 GB
2 048 GB1 907 GB
4 096 GB3 815 GB

Goodram reserves the right to make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without prior notification

Form factor Size File
Software ZIP 42 MB
Product brochure PDF 0.2 MB
Richcard PDF 0.6 MB
Instructions PDF 1 MB
Photos ZIP 13 MB