IRDM RGB DDR4 – memory modules with LED lighting

Latest modification: 7 October 2021

Wilk Elektronik SA, a Polish manufacturer of computer memory modules, has introduced to its offer modules with LED lighting – IRDM RGB DDR4. This is undoubtedly the premiere of the year and a long-awaited product of this gaming brand.

With gamers in mind

The latest IRDM modules are designed for gamers and professionals to provide not only an aesthetic experience, but also high performance. Each module is equipped with 8 LEDs and is compatible with RGB lighting control software from leading motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASRock. This ensures that the lighting effects can be programmed in many different ways, resulting in the ability to synchronize with other RGB devices like the motherboard, computer case, cooling system, keyboard, headphones, or computer mouse. Initially, the modules will be available for sale in the currently most popular kit of 2 x 8GB 3600MHz, but the manufacturer announces that products with other specifications will soon be added to the series.

Careful selection

IRDM RGB DDR4 modules are built from carefully selected components and Micron memory chips. The 3600MHz frequency at 18-22-22 timings ensures fast and stable operation of the modules, while the black heatsink built from a combination of aluminum, silicon, and magnesium perfectly dissipates heat, even during intensive use. “We are handing our customers a product that has been long-awaited and desired on the market. We are convinced that the parameters of the new IRDM memory will be appreciated by the most demanding users, especially gamers, case modders, and enthusiasts of computer sets with RGB lighting. We wanted to provide the best product in terms of both technical characteristics and a timeless design”, says Wiesław Wilk, the CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA.

Individual character

Memory with RGB LED lighting is a complete novelty in the IRDM offer. It fits perfectly into the existing fashion for personalization of PC sets on the computer market. Modules with LED technology accentuate the appearance of the computer, allowing to give it an individual character consistent with the user’s preferences. The latest IRDM memory kit has been created for those who, in addition to performance, also want a unique look with the use of RGB LED lighting.

XMP profile support

IRDM RGB modules work with XMP profiles and are compatible with AMD Ryzen processors, which translates into intuitive setting of memory parameters according to user preferences. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the full power offered by the first RGB modules of the Polish manufacturer.


As with other IRDM memory modules, also in the case of the RGB version, users can count on free technical support. Moreover, DDR4 IRDM RGB is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Solutions for professionals

IRDM is a memory line for those who expect the best workmanship, durability, interesting design, and great performance of their equipment. IRDM modules, drives, and cards are dedicated for all those who need the highest quality products for their work or hobby. Potential customers of the brand’s products are professional photographers, engineers, programmers, filmmakers, as well as extreme sports, video games, e-sport, or modding enthusiasts. Although they each perform their tasks differently, they need the right, efficient, and reliable tools to get the job done.

Technical data

Module type UDIMM DDR4 PC4-28800  
Capacity 8GB
Kit capacity 16GB
Frequency 3600MHz
Timings 18-22-22
Supply Voltage 1,35 V
RGB lighting Yes
Cooling Heatsink
Warranty Lifetime + technical support