From a workshop to a successful company

A story of how Wilk Elektronik went from a simple workshop to a modern production plant.

Asia and the USA led the production of memory devices for years, making the world sees no obvious alternative. Consequently, the Asian and American production turned into a process that was far from unique and instead, was driven by profit and cost efficiency. Fortunately, despite being saturated with imported goods, the European market started appreciating local products made “in the neighbourhood”, which streamlined communication processes owing to a shorter distance between the manufacturer and the buyer. Making the most of the above trend and focusing on quality and customer service, Wilk Elektronik started to stand out as the only Polish producer of consumer memory products under the name of GOODRAM and solutions dedicated to industry market signed as GOODRAM Industrial.


Wilk Elektronik hires 180 employees and it is based in southern Poland, approx. 30 km from Katowice, the heart of Upper Silesia, and 350 km from the West boarder, which makes it easy to travel from other European countries. The outstanding location and good infrastructure of Upper Silesia are clearly two of many company assets. Wilk Elektronik is an European high-tech business with one of the most modern production lines in Europe, its own technology and engineering resources, and also a testing laboratory.

To deliver high quality products is our top priority for GOODRAM and GOODRAM Industrial solutions. To that end, we heavily invest in the market best and most innovative tech solutions — says Wiesław Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik.

It is worthwhile to learn more about the manufacturer of the GOODRAM and GOODRAM Industrial brands, the history of which begins with a small business providing computer maintenance services.

From a workshop to own production line

Wilk Elektronik was founded in 1991 in Tychy, although its roots reach far beyond that point. In the 1980s, during his university internship in Germany, Wiesław Wilk came across the ATARI computer system. Having returned to his hometown of Nowa Dęba, he opened a workshop servicing ATARI computers, top-shelf product available in Poland in 1986. The small company manufactured a device named Top Drive that increased the speed of disk drives and extended RAM in ATARI-branded computers. Most customers found out about the company at, then popular, computer marketplaces in Katowice and Warsaw.

A breakthrough came with the arrival of PCs on the Polish market and a growing demand for computer memories. This coincided with the company’s relocation to Tychy in 1991. In due course Wilk Elektronik became the leading distributor of operational memories, by 1999 delivering 70% of memory devices in Poland. Many of the company relations were established with businesses that also launched their operations in the 90s.

Memory expert

Another milestone in the company’s development was opening an innovative memory production plant in Łaziska Górne in the Silesia region and marketing the company’s own GOODRAM brand. On the premises of 3000 m2 , the company assembled a production line composed of the most innovative surface mounting equipment, had a warehouse, administrative offices and a sales department. Launching its own production was a risky step, but as time has shown, it was a key to success.


When deciding to market my own memory brand, I knew potential obstacles – says Wiesław Wilk. And yet I was certain that only with top quality products I would be able to compete with foreign memory brands and win customers in Poland and abroad. This is why we keep on investing in machinery, our own know-how and technology. All this is important for our customers.

Over the past years, Wilk Elektronik developed distribution of its own brand across Central and Eastern Europe, although Mr Wilk openly says that the company also aims to win a strong market position of the GOODRAM brand in Western Europe. Recently, the company has intensified its sales in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Italy, and continues to extend its offer and reinforce the established market position.

At first, the company focused its operations on the DRAM memory market. In 2008, when it established strategic partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe, Wilk Elektronik extended the offer to include Flash memory cards, flash drives and solid state drives. As regards the latter, Wilk Elektronik has stood out with its growth pace much over the market level. So far the company has recorded a 300% sales growth YoY and is ranked second in terms of Polish market share. Assuming the current sales level and product development plans, the company’s performance in 2017 will certainly see an upward trend.


GOODRAM is a memory brand, dedicated to memory modules, SSDs, HDDs, memory cards, flash drives and accessories, created by a polish company Wilk Elektronik. The brand is available in offer of the biggest distributors and retailers in Poland and abroad. GOODRAM has become one of the most popular SSD and DRAM memory brands in Poland, based on supply market analysis. It is also one of the most strategic player on Flash memory market. Under the GOODRAM brand the are two main sub-brands: GOODRAM Industrial, dedicated to industrial appliances and IRIDIUM, dedicated for professional gamers and overclockers.

Wilk Elektronik will be an exhibitor at Embedded World, the leading international fair for embedded systems.
14-16 March 2017
Hall 2 / 2-541