White — inside and out!

A decisive distinguishing feature of IRDM RGB White from competing brands is the use of not only a white heatsink, but also the PCB itself. Thanks to this, the IRDM RGB White modules look extremely sophisticated. It is an excellent choice when it comes to minimalist PC sets with RGB backlight, which will be appreciated not only by gamers, but also people who value sophisticated design and high aesthetics of their equipment.

Основные характеристики
  • Предлагаемые объемы:
    DC: 16 GB
  • Предлагаемые цвета:
  • RGB Lighting
  • High-speed DDR4 technology
  • Capacity - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB kit)
  • 3600 MHz frequency at 18-22-22 timings
  • White PCB and heatsink
  • Lifetime warranty

RGB LED backlight

RGB lighting is a real must-have for many enthusiasts of custom computer sets and gamers. The multitude of lighting control options makes it possible to personalize the PC and set the preferred color effect. For users hungry for an above-average effect, the advantage will be the ability to synchronize the lighting with other elements. For IRDM modules that are compatible with motherboards from leading manufacturers like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock, the process is easy and intuitive.

XMP profile support

IRDM RGB White modules work with XMP profiles and are compatible with AMD Ryzen processors. For users, this means easily setting the memory parameters according to their expectations and taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by RAM. The module manufacturer provides free technical support and the memory itself is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Тип памяти



DC: 2 x 8 GB


3600 MHz




1,35 V

Цвет PCB


Цвет радиатора





IRG-W36D4L18S/16GDC16 GBDIMM DDR4Dual Channel3600 MHz18-22-22White, LED RGB590826796371

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формат Размер Файл
Брошюра продуктов PDF 1 MB
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Фото ZIP 9 MB

Full manufacturer support

IRDM brand is distinguished by the uncompromising quality and modern solutions created with professionals and gamers in mind. RGB memory modules are no different. You can count on technical support and lifetime warranty. Each memory module coming off the production line of the Polish manufacturer is subjected to the most demanding tests. All this is done so that the product you hold in your hand can provide the quality you expect.

Made of selected components

All memory modules with the IRDM logo are made on the basis of carefully selected components. It is no different in the case of white memories with RGB effect, which are based on Micron and Hynix memory chips. Stability and speed of work is ensured by 3600 MHz frequency with 18-22-22 timing. The purely white, massive heatsink is made of aluminum, which perfectly dissipates heat, while ensuring work efficiency even with very intensive use.