IRDM X is an upgrade of the IRDM series, in which the memory module guarantees a clock frequency of 3200 MHz. This model is dedicated to users who expect high performance, reliability and an affordable price.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    8 GB 16 GB DC: 16, 32 GB
  • Available colors:
  • DIMM form factor
  • supply voltage 1,2 V; 1,35 V
  • frequency: 2666, 3200 MHz
  • lifetime warranty + technical support

Your new skill

IRDM X DDR4 memory modules are available in capacities of 8 GB and 16 GB in Single Channel configuration and in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB in Dual Channel configuration. IRDM X is very popular among gamers due to its guaranteed clock frequency of 3200 MHz.

Highest quality = lifetime guarantee

All IRDM X memory modules are manufactured in Poland based on carefully selected components. Each module undergoes multi-stage quality testing before it hits shop shelves. The Quality Control Department goes to great lengths to ensure that the modules are perfectly prepared for future use, which is why we guarantee a lifetime warranty for our users.

Stylish heat spreader

IRDM X modules are equipped with low-profile, enhanced heatsinks that effectively dissipate heat to ensure stable computer operation. They are available in a variety of colours, allowing users to match the memory to the colour of the PC case or the backlighting inside the PC, personalising their PC.


8 GB, 16 GB
DC: 16 GB, 32 GB

Memory type



2666 MHz
3200 MHz



Chips organization



1,2 V
1,35 V


ProductCapacityChips organizationSupply Voltage TypeClockTimingColor
IR-X2666D464L16S/8G8 GB1024x81,2 VDIMM DDR42666 MHz16-18-18Black
IR-X2666D464L16/16G16 GB1024x81,2 VDIMM DDR42666 MHz16-18-18Black
IR-X2666D464L16S/16G16 GB2048x81,2 VDIMM DDR42666 MHz16-18-18Black
IR-X3200D464L16SA/8G8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Black
IR-XR3200D464L16SA/8G8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Red
IR-XB3200D464L16SA/8G8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Blue
IR-XW3200D464L16SA/8G8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20White
IR-X3200D464L16A/16G16 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Black
IR-XR3200D464L16A/16G16 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Red
IR-XB3200D464L16A/16G16 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20Blue
IR-XW3200D464L16A/16G16 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR43200 MHz16-20-20White
IR-X2666D464L16S/16GDC2 x 8 GB1024x81,2 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel2666 MHz16-18-18Black
IR-X3200D464L16SA/16GDC2 x 8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel3200 MHz16-20-20Black
IR-XR3200D464L16SA/16GDC2 x 8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel3200 MHz16-20-20Red
IR-XB3200D464L16SA/16GDC2 x 8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel3200 MHz16-20-20Blue
IR-XW3200D464L16SA/16GDC2 x 8 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel3200 MHz16-20-20White
IR-X3200D464L16A/32GDC2 x 16 GB1024x81,35 VDIMM DDR4 Dual Channel3200 MHz16-20-20Black

Goodram reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.
Detailed technical specification can be found in the DOWNLOAD section.

Form factor Size File
Product brochure PDF 2 MB
Manual PDF 1 MB
Photos ZIP 5 MB

“Cheaper, Faster and More Beautiful” – the review straight from Lithuania.

"Good OC potential, attractive price, lifetime warranty."

[DE]: "You get a high-quality design, high performance/clock frequency and decent overclocking potential. Of course, the low-profile heat sink also speaks for our DDR4 kit. In short: gamers can buy it without hesitation!"

"The IRDM X is one of those DDR4 RAMs that stands out for its interesting design and attractive price (...). Noteworthy is the striking heatsink in black and red colours, which gives the memory an interesting character. The Polish manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the memory."