IRDM PRO SSDs are designed for users who require the highest level of reliability. The new IRDM Pro is a refreshed version of the flagship Iridium Pro SSD, which was critically acclaimed for its reliability and performance by media outlets and users all around the world. The drive is equipped with up to 1GB DDR3L cache memory (960 GB capacity).

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    240 GB 480 GB 960 GB
  • 2,5" form factor
  • SATA III (6 Gb/s) interface
  • MLC NAND flash technology
  • 5-year warranty + technical support

New look – same high quality

IRDM PRO SSD provides the best in class performance and reliability. The refreshed drive is build around Toshiba MLC NAND flash and feature-packed Phison S10 quad-core controller. The polished firmware provides software data security mechanisms that provide data safety and integrity during use.

New definition of reliability

With up to 2 mln hours of mean-time between failures and industry-leading endurance of up to 500GB/day for 5 years, IRDM PRO sets a new definition of reliability in the SSD world.

Advanced data security

New quad-core Phison S10 controller provides end to end data security and unique features such as SmartRefresh™, SmartFlush™ and GuaranteedFlash™. They guarantee data security and integrity in case of any disruptions or sudden power loss.


240, 480, 960 GB


SATA III (6 Gb/s). Backwards compatible with SATA II and I

Form factor


Memory chips

MLC NAND flash


Phison S10
up to 1 GB DDR3L of additional cache (960 GB)


up to 100 000 for read operations
up to 90 000 for write operations


2 000 000 hours


ECC protection, data security

Operating temperature


Storage temperature

-45 - 85°C


100 x 69,85 x 7 mm


1Based on tests performed in ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47 on SSD in FOB (fresh out of box) state. Parameters may vary depending on the computer configuration or SSD wear. 2Based on tests performed in Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 on SSD in FOB (fresh-out-of-box) state. Parameters may vary depending on the computer configuration or SSD wear. 3Based on the tests conducted in IOMETER in FOB (fresh out of box) state. Parameters may vary depending on the computer configuration or SSD wear.
240 GB480 GB960 GB
Compressible data read (max.)1560 MB/s560 MB/s560 MB/s
Compressible data write (max.)1530 MB/s530 MB/s MB/s530 MB/s
Incompressible data read (max.)2550 MB/s550 MB/s550 MB/s
Incompressible data write (max.)2520 MB/s530 MB/s520 MB/s
Number of random read operations for 4k files (max. IOPS)3100 000100 000100 000
Number of random write operations for 4k files (max. IOPS)388 00088 00090 000

Logistics data

IRDMPRO 240GB240 GBSSD, 2,5 mm spacerIRP-SSDPR-S25B-2405908267922897
IRDMPRO 480GB480 GBSSD, 2,5 mm spacerIRP-SSDPR-S25B-4805908267922712
IRDMPRO 960GB960 GBSSD, 2,5 mm spacerIRP-SSDPR-S25B-9605908267922903


The capacity for GOODRAM SSD is given in accordance with the IDEMA standard (LBA1-03). After formatting the drive, the capacity shown by the operating system may be lower than the advertised capacity.
Capacity in the specificationThe capacity visible in the operating system
240 GB223,57 GB
480 GB447,13 GB
960 GB894,25 GB

GOODRAM reserves the right to change the specification at any time without prior information.

Form factor Size File
Software ZIP 42 MB
Product brochure PDF 0.1 MB
Manual PDF 1 MB
Photos ZIP 4 MB

IRDM PRO is an updated version of Iridium Pro that offers the same level of performance. Product refresh includes new product sticker, new packaging and new part numbers. Although Iridium Pro has been phased out from the production, you may be still able to purchase both versions for a certain period of time.

Both drives are based on MLC NAND flash, which means they deliver good performance and reliability. The basic difference between them is a built-in DRAM cache in IRDM PRO. This makes IRDM much more suitable for professional use.