Power for handheld consoles

The ultra-compact PRO NANO is the smallest yet fastest SSD available from the IRDM brand. The small form factor of 2230, one of the most efficient interfaces currently available on the market and a powerful quad-channel controller make the drive a great solution for the most demanding customers.

Key features
  • Available capacities:
    512 GB 1024 GB 2048 GB
  • Designed for handheld consoles
  • Compact form factor 2230
  • High-speed PCIe gen. 4 x4 interface
  • 5 years TBW5 limited warranty with free technical support

A must-have for mobile gamers

The PRO NANO SSD is the answer to the dynamically growing market of handheld consoles. Gamers are more and more frequently and willingly reaching for that kind of devices – thanks to them they can conquer levels of their favourite titles anywhere and anytime.

PRO NANO works perfectly with consoles such as Steam Deck™ or ASUS™ ROG Ally™, and more. Installing a drive will not only significantly increase the storage capacity of the device, but will also affect the fast installation of subsequent titles and significantly reduce the loading time of games and next levels.

Not sure how to fit the PRO NANO to your Steam Deck™ LCD? Check out our guide!
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Extreme performance

The IRDM PRO NANO uses the PCIe NVMe Gen. 4 x4 interface. This is one of the most efficient interfaces currently available on the market, guaranteeing above-average data transfer speeds. Unrivalled and impressive sequential speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s read and 6,000 MB/s write maximally reduce file ripping times and allow for faster game installations. With IRDM PRO NANO, games will load even faster and the operation of applications will be extremely smooth and fast.

Data security at the highest level

The IRDM PRO NANO uses the best components. The controller used ensures the reliable operation of the drive. Other elements of the drive’s equipment, such as ECC and thermal throttling, are also not without significance. Also crucial is the high TBW level, which reaches 1,200 TB. It ensures the longevity of the SSD and also significantly reduces the drive’s susceptibility to read and write intensive failures.



Versatile applications

In the era of the pursuit of ever smaller, more compact devices, the IRDM PRO NANO, in addition to handheld consoles, will also prove successful in laptops and ultrabooks which, due to their small dimensions, are only able to fit 2230 drives. In laptops, the IRDM PRO NANO can serve as a simple way of significantly expanding memory. The latest drive from the IRDM will also find use in a special SSD bay allowing it to be used like an external drive. This practical and versatile application makes the medium an invaluable tool for those who value mobility without having to sacrifice high storage performance.

Space for all your games!

Capacities: 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB, in which the IRDM PRO NANO is available, will meet the needs of seasoned gamers, professionals, photographers and all users in need of a drive with high capacity, great technical performance and a miniature size.

All PRO NANO variants are covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is a confirmation of the highest quality of the product.


512 GB
1024 GB
2048 GB


PCIe NVMe gen 4 x4

Form factor

M.2 2230 (M key)

NAND Flash



1 500 000 hours

Operational temperature

0°C – 70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C – 85°C


22 x 30 x 2,2 mm


5 years TBW5 limited warranty with free technical support




1Based on tests performed in Crystal Disk Mark 8.0 on SSD in FOB (fresh-out-of-box) state. Actual results may vary depending on your system configuration or SSD wear.
2Based on tests performed in IOMETER on SSD in FOB (fresh-out-of-box) state. Actual results may vary depending on your system configuration or SSD wear.
3Testing platform: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, Platform: AMD X570, Operating system: Win10 (64bit), version 1809
5After exceeding the TBW or 5 years, the SSD is not covered by warranty.
512 GB1024 GB2048 GB
Incompressible data read speed (max.)15 100 MB/s7 300 MB/s7 300 MB/s
Incompressible data write speed (max.)14 600 MB/s6 000 MB/s6 000 MB/s
Random read operations per sec. (max.)2780 000 IOPS750 000 IOPS750 000 IOPS
Random write operations per sec. (max.)2920 000 IOPS850 000 IOPS850 000 IOPS

Logistics data

4Storage capacity for IRDM SSD is provided in decimal values, i.e. 1 GB = 1 000 000 000 bytes. Operating systems that use the binary conversion, ie. 1 GB = 1 073 741 824 bytes, may show lower storage capacity than provided in this specification. For more information about capacities visit
IRDM SSD PRO NANO512 GBSSDIRP-SSDPR-P44N-512-305908267965917
IRDM SSD PRO NANO1024 GBSSDIRP-SSDPR-P44N-01T-305908267965924
IRDM SSD PRO NANO2048 GBSSDIRP-SSDPR-P44N-02T-305908267965931

IRDM may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice.

Form factor Size File
Product brochure PDF 0.3 MB
Manual PDF 0.1 MB
Richcard PDF 0.6 MB
Photos ZIP 7 MB
Installation instructions for PRO NANO in Steam Deck™ LCD PDF 4 MB
Installation instructions for PRO NANO in Steam Deck™ OLED PDF 4 MB