Industrial applications

Our memory and storage products are widely used in industrial applications, which require stable operation in extremely variable environmental conditions.

See example applications below

These systems enable the tracking of events with the use of CCTV cameras. Videos are recorded on storage media for later inspection. Industrial SSD, with their strong resistance to environmental conditions, are ideal for use in such systems.

A point-of-sale terminal is an essential part of every modern store. In many cases, to conform with local law, transactions are recorder in the terminal’s memory. More and more POS are commonly equipped NAND flash storage.

The “Internet of Things” is the future that we are just entering. Continuous and seamless communication of devices around us, create new demand within data transfer technologies

Supervising production processes is no longer exclusively a human domain. They can be successfully controlled by intelligent computer systems that make them more efficient.

Home automation systems have become a standard in all modern buildings. They are intended to remotely control the temperatures, lights or security of houses and apartments.

These interface devices enable human operators to communicate with machines, and collect data from monitored processes. Modern interfaces feature a touch screen, and offer a visual display that makes it easy to control processes and receive alerts in case of potential dangers.

Digitalization of our everyday life requires introduction of new means of communication. They include wireless data transfer systems which enable global access to the resources we all create.

People commute every day, usually to work or school. New technologies can now make means of public transportation faster, more efficient and safer.

The car is no longer just a simple means of transport. Today, it is expected that the vehicle is equipped with a multimedia system and navigation.

Tedious and precise production processes are now performed by automated devices and robots. Their operations are controlled by advanced computer systems.

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