The use of portable SSDs

SSDs are ideal for people who need a lot of storage space for data such as movies, music, photos, documents, graphic files and the like. Thanks to their high capacity and fast transfers, you can store all the files you need on one device. The fact that the Goodram HL200 is portable, lightweight and small in size means you can have all your data with you at all times.


Storing data is the primary function of a portable drive. With the release of our new solution, we want to remind you of some of the less obvious capabilities of similar devices.


Portable SSD drive on notebook device

Portable SSDs are sensational storage devices that offer high capacity, high data transfer performance, plus they are lightweight, handy and durable. The main advantage of external drives is, first of all, their mobility. The use of such or similar solution can greatly facilitate work and speed up many tasks, as well as allow you to carry data anywhere.

Files backup

Backup visualization

If you are one of those users who keep all your important data on a single device in the form of a laptop or personal computer, it’s high time to get a portable SSD to keep all your most important files and documents safe. Even an investment in the best quality hardware does not preclude random events, as a result of which you may be exposed to the loss of stored content. To avoid a black scenario, you should think about a solidly prepared and regular data backup using an external drive. Remember to regularly create backups or even full disk images, so you can increase your security in case of a crash, or theft of your computer.

Remote work

Woman while working remotely

Although many have already forgotten about the pandemic, it can’t be said that this pandemic hasn’t had an impact on our daily and professional lives. Many companies have moved to a hybrid mode of work or even to remote work altogether. When working remotely, a portable SSD can be extremely useful for employees who are required to work on different devices in the office and at home. The HL200 drive allows you to work remotely directly on the portable drive, without having to transfer all the files you need to work directly to your computer and back.


Young man playing computer with headphones

The Goodram HL200 portable drive is the answer to the specific needs of gamers. So if you too are an avid gamer, this portable SSD will greatly speed up the loading of your games and increase their performance. The Goodram HL200 can be connected directly to your console, allowing you to back up your saves or enable you to launch your game directly from the drive, all thanks to its ultra-fast read and write speeds.

Work with large files

Professional film camera

The Goodram HL200 is also ideal for professionals. Large files such as animations, movies, renders or 3D graphics require a lot of space and need remarkable writing speeds. Thanks to the drive’s high performance, you can easily transfer and edit similar files on different computers and directly on the portable drive.


Two HL200 drives on a purple and blue background

The HL200 portable SSD is a versatile and extremely useful storage device, which is widely used for work, study, entertainment and many other areas of life. With it, you can easily transfer numerous files of different capacities. An additional advantage is the constant access to data anywhere and anytime, which greatly facilitates work or entertainment.