Kioxia Flash cards and USB drives now available

Latest modification: 14 September 2020

Wilk Elektronik, the official partner and distributor among CEE and Southern Europe markets of the Kioxia brand (formerly known as TOSHIBA brand), introduces new Flash memory products – SD/microSD cards and flash drives.

The recent launch of Kioxia branded SSDs only whetted the appetite of all enthusiasts and fans of the reliable, made in Japan brand. Starting mid-September, the new products: SD and microSD cards of Exceria series among with 2.0 and 3.0 flash drives will appear on the market.

Bearing a similarity to the SSD line-up, the new memory cards are also positioned in 3 tiers, depending on their specification and application forms: for microSD cards: Exceria, Exceria Plus and Exceria High Endurance for SD cards: Exceria Pro KIOXIA SD cards is an excellent choice for both the professional and amateur photographers. They are destinated to be part of the digital single-lens reflex as well as for the mirrorless cameras. Standing out of the crowd thanks to their high quality and storage reliability, making your photos, video footage and data even better preserved.

KIOXIA microSD cards of Exceria High Endurance series, have been designated especially for such devices as camcorders and surveillance cameras. Extremely high endurance of these cards enables to keep writing and overwriting files for a long time without causing any bugs or failures to the video footage.  KIOXIA offer is expanded with very modern and elegant flash drives, presenting capacities from 16 GB for USB 2.0, and up to 256 GB for the USB 3.0.