Goodram Industrial is expanding its portfolio

Latest modification: 10 March 2022

The Polish brand of commercial and industrial memory products is expanding the offer of industrial DDR4 memory modules with another model.

DDR4 SODIMM with the part number GR4S32G320D8I is a memory with a capacity of 32GB and a speed of 3200MHz, which allows it to be successfully used in embedded systems with a high demand for computing power. Such requirements are reported, among others, by cloud solutions, virtualization, and AI. The compact form factor of SODIMM modules allows to use an exceptionally large RAM capacity (up to 2 x 32GB) in systems based on the smallest motherboards from the ITX family (nano, pico, and micro – ITX).

The DDR4 GR4S32G320D8I is intended to operate in a wide temperature range. This means the memories are designed to work in applications exposed to variable environmental conditions between -40°C and +85°C. The manufacturer also offers a version of the module for the range from 0 to +85°C.

Stable operation in an extended temperature range is one of the key conditions that must be met by selected models of industrial DRAM memories. In addition to the appropriate design of the device, ensuring this criterion requires control in the production process and the finished product in a properly prepared environment. Therefore, industrial memories, designed to work in a wide temperature range, are subjected to a process of thermal acceleration, the purpose of which is to detect as many damages as possible that may occur in the first period of use. This means the memory is subjected to a procedure in which hundreds of TBs of data are written and verified in the DRAM. Such test allows the detection of almost all damages located in the interface or matrix of memory cells.

The solution offered by the Polish manufacturer is dedicated, among others, to customers and solutions in the areas of POS, Home Automation, IOT, Automotive, and Transport.