GOODRAM dominates on domestic market Futuresource survey says!

Latest modification: 18 December 2018

The dynamic growth of global SSD market shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone anymore – especially when taking the huge price dropdown of SATA-based drives and very accessible components into consideration. Grand View Research estimates that the market grows 10 million pieces annually and will keep this steady incline for the next 3 years at least.

What is extremely exciting for us, is that every fifth SSD sold on the Polish retail market this year is a GOODRAM (or IRDM by GOODRAM) branded drive. According to Futuresource Consulting over 20% of domestic market share belongs to Polish brand. GOODRAM has a wide portfolio of SSDs, such as S400u SATA III M.2 2242 – a miniature drive more than 20 times faster comparing to HDD solution, or CX400 SATA III 2,5” SSD which boasts 10 times faster write/read rates than any HDD in this particular format. Since 2017 GOODRAM markets its high-end products to gamers and professionals via their own sub-brand – IRDM. Their IRDM Pro SATA III 2,5” SSD keeps rating very high in reviews submitted by influencers, gamers, modders and European tech media.

There are many factors in play when it comes to choosing a reliable, durable, fast, high quality and well-designed SSD. Thankfully, GOODRAM and IRDM drives have it all.