Latest modification: 17 August 2021

May saw the official start of the expansion of the GOODRAM computer memory factory, owned by Wilk Elektronik SA. The expansion was initiated with the symbolic groundbreaking by the CEO and owner of the company, Wiesław Wilk.

The work on the expansion of the company is expected to take two years, and it will be divided into two stages. One stage involves the expansion of the warehouse and production floor, and the second – expansion of the office space. The completion of the stages is planned for the end of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023, respectively.

“When we started our own production of computer memory in 2003, the main product of our brand was DRAM memory modules and our company employed a few dozen people. Today, our team consists of more than 190 qualified specialists working in different areas of the company. We sell RAM, SSDs and Flash memory products on over 40 export markets. This means that 70% of our sales are export sales, while at the same time we are constantly strengthening our position on the domestic market. We can therefore openly say that we can no longer fit into our current building, both in terms of personnel and operations”, says Wiesław Wilk, the CEO of Wilk Elektronik.