Explore all faces of the UME series

Latest modification: 20 April 2023

GOODRAM is a polish memory manufacturer that has a number of usable memory solutions available. One of them are noteworthy USB flash drives of the UME series

What is the UME series?

UME USB flash drives are storage devices that are designed with the user’s health in mind and to minimize the environmental impact of electronics. The flash drives use USB 2.0 and 3.2 gen. 1 technology, which means they offer data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps. This, in turn, means users can transfer large files such as movies or collections of photos in a short amount of time. In addition, the devices are compatible with previous-generation USB, so they can be used with older devices.

Two UME USB flash drives in black and orange

Available variants

USB UMEs are available in a variety of capacities. We can find storage units ranging from 4* to as much as 256GB**, so users can choose the right option for them. It is worth remembering that all USB capacities and generations are compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux.

White USB UME on blue background with various computer accessories

The casing of the UME3 ECO FRIENDLY model is made of materials that are fully biodegradable and completely recyclable. By using a biodegradable case, we were able to not only help the environment, but also achieve high splash resistance and definitely increase resistance to scratches, shocks and damage from daily use.

UME ECO FRIENDLY flash drive in retail packaging

The UME CARE memory case features BIOMASTER® technology, which uses silver ions during the manufacturing process. The admixture of silver ions guarantees lifelong protection against bacteria and allows for their effective elimination from the structure of the case. After just 24 hours, the reduction of microorganisms on the UME CARE surface is up to 99%.

UME CARE's blue flash drive in your hands

Additional benefits

A big advantage of GOODRAM’s UME products is the possibility of double-sided case marking, which allows you to put any company logo or other information on both sides of the device’s case. This is a great solution for customers who want unique storage media with a distinctive look.

A melting rainbow UME flash drive with a screenshot showing the USB visualizer

Since we mentioned the design, it is worth knowing that the innovative housings for the UME series are our own design and officially registered design. This gives us 100% exclusivity for this unique design. What’s more, the material and the enclosures themselves are supplied by a trusted Polish supplier, so we have the full ability to expand the UME family with new colors and unique unveilings.


The entire production process of the UME series flash drives is carried out using a specialized machine that can assemble more than 1 200 USBs in one hour! Most importantly, the entire machine is specially designed to minimize energy consumption and use renewable resources. From sources we can’t uncover, we know that during operation the machine generates a rhythmic, steady sound, which allows more skilled operators to get into the role of a vocalist.

UME flash drive assembly machine

Summary: UME series storage is a great choice for people who value speed and capacity when transferring data, and at the same time want to take care of their health and the environment. The listed storage devices offer not only high quality and functionality, but also eco-friendly solutions to minimize environmental impact.

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