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Latest modification: 9 February 2022


SSD IRDM PRO gen.2 solid state drives were designed for users, who demand the highest reliability and stable functioning.

SSD IRDM PRO offers solid parameters by reaching up to 555 MB/s of read and 535 MB/s of write speeds. By using classic 2.5” form factor with SATA III interface, IRDM SSD can be widely adopted in older or less advanced devices that lack the PCIe connector.  An excellent quad-core PS3112-S12 Phison controller and refined firmware guarantee full software protection of data, consistency, and reliability of usage.

IRDM PRO GEN. 2 is an excellent SATA III SSD with a decent level of speed and low heat emission, which is suitable for users looking for expanding their computer memory and performance” read the review in 

IRDM M.2 - gaming SSD with DRAM buffer

The performance of IRDM M.2 SSD allows it to compete with solutions based on the 4.0 interface, which, due to the high price, may not be available to certain users

Capacity of up to 2TB and operating speed at the level of 3200MB/s (read) and 3000MB/ s (write) make the drive an excellent choice for gamers and enthusiasts expecting fast and reliable hardware and high performance.


DRAM memory in SSD is used for caching, i.e. short-term storage of data in the cache memory. The data in the cache is grouped before writing, which results in lower Flash memory consumption, optimization of writing and maintaining the drive’s IOPS parameter at a good level. The cache also speeds up reading thanks to the prefetch technology, which causes the data that the host will read next to be downloaded in advance and placed in the cache.

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