GOODRAM memory loaded with love

Latest modification: 5 March 2021

USB na Walentynki

Almost every year, the GOODRAM brand launches a limited Valentine’s Day product. This year will be no exception. Dedicated flash drives are in fact the brand’s flagships products – already known to USB 2.0 users – UUN2 and UME2, but with a modified look to meet on the occasion.



UUN VALENTINE is a flash drive that is characterized by a small size. It is based on Chip-On-Board technology, enclosed in a steel housing. The housing is finished with a loop for key ring to attach the USB to a key or a pendant. The lack of a cap is a response to the needs of users who are concerned about the moving parts that are easy to loose.

UME VALENTINE is a third product of the very popular UME series (UME and UME Eco Friendly). The white housing with the Valentine’s Day theme print makes the USB memory a nice gadget for every couple in love. The cap with a convex non-slip pattern makes it easy to open the USB connector. Perfectly fitted to the housing it can be easily hooked to the other end of the housing, so it will not get lost.

Both flash drives will be available in retail and etail stores, including the most popular chain shops by the end of January. The USB memory will be available in the capacities of 16GB and 32GB and, like other GOODRAM branded USB sticks, will be covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.