Frequently Asked Questions

ikona_faqI have a problem with GOODRAM Twister. It is not seen on certain computers with Windows XP, and earlier it was detected easily. What is the reason? Missing drivers in the operating system?

The reason can be system update or a virus. It happens because after installation of an update to Windows XP, some device stop operating. The problem can be solved by installing driver updates for the USB controller of your computer. Windows XP alone does not require any drivers for pendrives.


ikona_faqI bought GOODRAM EDGE and I want to use it with Windows 98. Where can I download drivers for this pendrive?

There are no dedicated Windows 98 drivers available for GOODRAM EDGE, however it is possible to download universal drivers for Windows 98 from the below mentioned websites. Before installing, please read the licence conditions.


ikona_faqCan GOODRAM GR800D264L6/2G (I have two pieces 2GB each) operate in Dual Channel?

As a general rule, memory should operate in Dual Channel. Please pay attention to the  limitations imposed by BIOS, memory should be built on chips with the same organization and must be installed in respective slots.


ikona_faqWhat can I do when the system is blocking access to pendrive?

The problem can be a virus blocking access to pendrive. In such case, it should be removed with antivirus software or partition should be removed / hard drive formatted under Linux, for instance. The second option is to format it with the use of function made available in Windows. The memory should be formatted with FAT32 or exFAT file system. During or after formatting, no special software is needed.


ikona_faq  I purchased new RAM and it does not work. What can be the reason?

A problem with correct operation or starting of a new RAM stick can result from the following factors:

  • the memory is incompatible with the motherboard (incorrect capacity, architecture, speed),
  • a BIOS error,
  • damage of memory.

That is why, we encourage to check compatibility of equipment in the first place and correct operation and BIOS settings for specific configuration.


ikona_faqAfter plugging to a port, pendrive or memory card shows 0 MB capacity and it is necessary to format it once again each time. What should I do in such situation?

If the pendrive or memory card shows 0 MB capacity, partition should be removed and a new one installed. Partition can be removed /installed under Windows for example with freeware software Active@ Partition Manager. Under systems Windows Vista/7/8, you can use a system tool called Diskpart. Linux offers tools called Fdisk, GParted or another one.


ikona_faqI can’t format my pendrive or memory, data can’t be stored, copied or files get lost or file names become changed automatically. What can be the reason?

If a pendrive/memory card becomes visible only in read mode, it proves that memory is damaged. In such situation, please make a complaint in the place of purchase. If files get lost, USB flash drive or memory card can be checked for example by means of a free software Flash Drive Tester making test read/write/compare operations.


ikona_faqMy pendrive/memory card is not detected by the computer or another device. What should I do in such situation?

Please check, whether Windows assigned a drive name (letter) to the pendrive/memory card. It can be checked in the following way: Click on Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Desktop management -> Disc management and, if needed, you can manually assign a name (letter) to your drive. If the problem is not solved, the data carrier should be checked in another computer or device. If the problem appears also after plugging your device to another computer or piece of equipment, it can indicate that memory is damaged.


ikona_faqI have a problem to record a file with the capacity greater than 4 GB to a pendrive/memory card with the capacity of for example 8, 16 GB. What can be the reason?

In the first place, you should format the pendrive/memory card with the use of exFAT  or NTFS file system. FAT32 has limitations as to the size of a single file– the file cannot be greater than 4GB thus limitations in saving large files.


ikona_faqFiles disappeared from USB flash drive and are not visible, but the amount of taken disc space has not changed. What can be the reason?

The reason for such situation can be a virus. That is why, we recommend scanning memory with antivirus software. In order to gain access to the blocked files, please take the following steps (for Windows):

  • Please determine the drive name (letter) of your pendrive/memory card, e.g. „d:”, „e:”, „f:” (it can be checked in “My computer” window).
  • Select: Start>>Run. write: „cmd”
  • Please write the name of your disc, e.g. „d:” and next the command „dir /ah”. All hidden files will be listed
  • In order to gain access to the blocked files, please write: „attrib [file/folder name] -r -a -s -h”


ikona_faqThe real capacity available for the user is different than the one stated by the producer. What can be the reason?

The actual capacity of data carrier depends on the applied technology. In the case of the latest NAND FLASH technologies, the controller reserves more space for handling and performing tasks appearing during use of the memory. As the latest Flash memory requires greater system structures, the controller uses additional disc space in order to ensure correct operation of the algorithms responsible for equal use of flash cells, called “Flash wear levelling”. In practice it means a greater memory life for the client, optimization of operation and a considerable increase in security of stored data.


ikona_faqI have RAM made by another producer. I would like to extend my memory by purchasing additional GOODRAM memory modules, however I have doubts – will memory from two different producers work well together?

If your motherboard /CPU can handle a specific type of memory adding a second memory from another producer should not be a problem. However, in order to operate in dual channel mode, it is recommended to install two pieces of RAM of the same type, it is with the same capacity, timings or architecture (single sided or double-sided modules). GOODRAM recommends memory with DC marking, especially paired at the production stage for dual channel operation.


If the answers do not solve your problem, please contact us: support@goodram.com or via contact form.