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SSD CX300 in GOODRAM offer

GOODRAM expands C Series lineup by introducing a consumer-oriented CX300 Solid State Drive.

European memory manufacturer and owner of GOODRAM expanded its Solid State Drive lineup with GOODRAM CX300. New SSD is a new flagship product of the C Series lineup and is targeted at users seeking a reliable and efficient hard drive disk replacement.

SSD GOODRAM CX300 is equipped with Phison S11 controller and 15 nm TLC NAND flash by Toshiba – technological partner of the Polish manufacturer. By achieving high sequential read and write speeds, rated at 555 MB/s and 540 MB/s and IOPS rated at 88 000 and 83 000, CX300 provides comfort of use. Additional feature of the CX300 is lower power consumption, due to the change of the controller architecture in comparison to other C Series SSD. ssd-cx300-frontGOODRAM CX300 is available in the most common, 2,5″ form factor which eases the migration from traditional hard drive disk. Slim 7 mm housing enables installation in new laptops and ultrabooks and added spacer expands the upgrade possibilities to older laptops as well.

The main feature of our new SSD is the combination of quality and affordable price – says Wiesław Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA. Months of performance tests at different stages of production, strict component qualification and reliability tests are just few of the procedures involved in the production process of the new CX300 SSD. Running pre-release consumer field tests with our customers, confirmed our opinion that the new SSD will provide not only a good performance but also reliability – adds Wieslaw Wilk.

CX300 Solid State Drive is available in capacities between 120 GB and 480 GB and comes enclosed in solid black housing. Just like other GOODRAM C Series SSD, CX300 is covered by 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer plans to add 960 GB capacity by the end of the year.