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IRDM by GOODRAM will be present at IEM Katowice 2018, the world’s largest gaming event

IEM Katowice, the most awaited gaming festival, will take place on February 24-25 and on March 2-4 in Katowice, Poland. The event, stretched over two following weekends is one of this year’s most anticipated esport events. As bonus to the exciting matches where the world’s best gaming teams will compete, the event will be accompanied by the IEM Expo, an esport-related trade fair. GOODRAM, the polish brand of storage and memory products will be one of the exhibitors.

Laziska Gorne, Poland, 15 February 2018

GOODRAM, the European brand of memory and storage products, announces its participation at IEM Expo 2018, as a partner and co-exhibitor of Alsen – a leading Polish consumer electronics retail chain.

A dozen years of existence, makes IEM the longest running international esports tournament. The first event took place in 2006 in Hannover, and appeared in Katowice for the first time in 2013. The best and well-known players from all over the world come to Poland to face their rivals and prove their gaming skills. Hype associated with this huge gaming party starts many months before the finals during the League Games contests where everybody tries their best to prove they deserve tickets to the finals in Katowice.

The real icing on the cake will be the live tournament of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is worth to mention that the live event is happening just for the second time since PUBG was released. It will try to repeat the incredible success of the first edition which took place during IEM Oakland in November 2017.

IEM Katowice delivers unforgettable experience through a world-class show organization. In addition to the main stage, the organizers will dedicate a 8,000 m2 area, where everyone will be welcomed to watch more tournaments on three additional stages, test-drive the latest gaming products and technologies and compete in gaming zones prepared by the local and international exhibitors.

One of them will be GOODRAM brand, whose headquarters and production lines are located in Poland. The memory manufacturer will showcase its offer of high-performance memory and storage products dedicated to gamers and enthusiasts under the name IRDM by GOODRAM. The lineup will be represented by IRDM Ultimate SSD, a fast PCIe Gen 3×4 M.2 drive with custom heatsink. IRDM Ultimate will be presented together with the rest of IRDM SSD lineup which include two, recently updated, MLC-based SATA III drives: IRDM and IRDM PRO. To satisfy the performance needs GOODRAM will also present their latest IRDM X DDR4 memory modules with fast clock speeds and lifetime warranty.

What else you can experience at booth B2, located in the International Congress Center hall, hosted by Alsen and GOODRAM? Visitors will have the opportunity to test the latest Alsen PC gaming rigs. At 21 gaming stations running on GOODRAM components, as well as equipped with Trust accessories (gaming chairs, mice, keyboards, headphones) and AOC monitors, attendees can show off their skills and play the most popular games such as: Counter Strike, League of Legends, Hearthstone, FIFA 18, Rainbow Six, StarCraft. Alsen will also present their new ALSEN CUSTOM PC. ALSEN Zone will also include a Gaming Truck, providing pure esports emotions. Football fans will be able to test their skills against professional players from the ALSEN Team FIFA division, such as mRN, bejott or Riptorek. The tournaments will be interlaced with the visits of famous YouTube stars – DJ Pallaside, Leh and Prawus.

Thanks to cooperation with Alsen, selected IRDM by GOODRAM products will be available for purchase in limited prices, before and during the event in dedicated sales zone.