GOODRAM saves the Christmas


Did you manage to buy all the gifts for your loved ones?

GOODRAM is here for those busy, overworked and forgetful ones, who missed the pre-holiday sale fever.
GOODRAM saves the Christmas and inspires with presents, which will be appreciated by everyone: parents, wifes, husbands, siblings, even aunts and distant cousins, who happen to appear on Christmas supper always unexpectedly.
In our special GOODRAM Christmas package you will find:


A colourful flash drive, which is a proven solution for users, who need to move data like family photos from Christmas’ Eve or New Year’s ski trip without any hassle.

UMO2 flash drive is available in capacities of: 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB


Power bank, which is dedicated for smartphones, tablets and cameras. It is useful especially during Christmas time, when all power sockets are occupied by all range of lights and decoration, and the last one is just being taken by the distant cousin and his tablet.

GOODRAM PB04 is available in two capacities: 2000 and 5000 mAh


Fast Solid State Drive for those, who like Christmas to be the time of relaxation, peace and getaway from all the Christmas hustle and bustle to catch up with your friends on Facebook. GOODRAM CX300 is a combination of fast components and reliable firmware, providing an instant upgrade to your PC.

SSD is available in capacities ranging from 120 to 480 GB

Have you found a perfect gift here?
Find GOODRAM in local stores and e-shops that sell consumer electronics products.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of joy from all the presents you will receive.