Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Certificate

Wilk Elektronik SA, the owner of GOODRAM brand, received ISO 9001. It came as a confirmation of the quality management system introduced by the company within the scope of production and sale of DRAM memory modules, and FLASH memory. The plant of Wilk Elektronik SA situated in Laziska Gorne, 20km away from Katowice – is the only object of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2003, we opened production lines manufacturing Polish GOODRAM memory modules. We began production in Poland exactly to ensure high quality – explained Wieslaw Wilk, the CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA – However, further growth of the company had to be coupled with a confirmation of that quality by means of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. I’m convinced that it is a next, clear signal for the clients in Poland and abroad that offering its products under GOODRAM brand, Wilk Elektronik SA ensures their very high and continuing quality. Both memory modules and Flash memory are produced on the basis of ISO 9001. It is a complement to the internal quality standards, which laid at the foundations of production of GOODDRAM  brand in the beginning, it is 100% testing combined with lifetime guarantee.

Quality policy of Wilk Elektronik S.A.

Wilk Elektronik S.A. is a producer and supplier of RAM and FLASH memory modules labelled with GOODRAM brand.
The superior goal of our operation is to offer the clients safe and top quality products. A high level of customer satisfaction as regards deadlines, delivery and prices has translated into continuing development of the company.

We want to achieve that goal by:

  • regular customer satisfaction surveys and consideration to their suggestions related to the company’s operations,
  • providing well qualified personnel,
  • shortening the order lead times,
  • monitoring and continuously improving the quality level,
  • optimum selection of suppliers as regards quality, deadlines and prices of offered products,
  • regular use of modern technologies.

We are aware that reaching the above mentioned goals is possible only with active participation and cooperation of all employees.

All employees of our company are responsible for realization of Quality Policy at their workplaces.

We want to be perceived as a good and proven supplier offering safe and high quality products.

The management of the company declares full engagement in order to prepare appropriate conditions and ensure sufficient funds for realization of the established Quality Policy and correct functioning and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.