IRDM PRO UHS-II U3 V90 CARD (IRP S9B0) – Pure Pro Experience in small package

  • Perfect for processing and capturing 4K & 8K videos
  • Shoot highest quality JPEG/RAW in fastest burst-mode
  • Up to 280 MB/s1 read and 240 MB/s1 write speed
  • V90 Video Speed Class
  • UHS-II U3 Interface
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Extremely durable
  • Lifetime warranty

IRDM PRO UHS-II U3 CARD provides pure professional experience by bringing the highest level of performance and reliability to all cameras and camcorders.

The actual product and packaging may be slightly different from those shown in the picture. Products may vary between batches.
1Based on internal tests using PCI-e adapter. Speed may vary depending on the testing methodology and platform and operating system.


Lifetime Warranty


100% product testing


May be used with notebooks


May be used with cameras


May be used with advanced cameras


May be used with video cameras






All the speed you can imagine

IRDM Pro memory cards are one of the fastest memory cards in the world. With up to 280 MB/s read speed and 240 MB/s write speed, you can forget about bottlenecks and limits. V90 Video Speed Class enables shooting 4K and 8K videos, while the unlocked potential of UHS-II U3 interface gives the possibility to shoot highest quality RAW and JPEG images in fastest burst-mode.

Endurance Pros need

IRDM Pro memory cards are shockproof, waterproof and X-ray proof. They can operate in temperatures between -25°C and 85°C and store data between -40°C and 85°C. Additionally, they are based on pSLC NAND flash, which is up to 10x more durable than MLC NAND used in many professional cards and even 300x more durable than average consumer memory cards.

Made for years to come

IRDM Pro memory cards deliver future-proof performance and reliability. They are fast enough to provide maximum performance way beyond current image and video standards and solid enough to be an essential companion for many years to come.


Lifetime warranty

IRDM Pro memory cards are backed with lifetime warranty and support, directly from manufacturer. All products are tested during the manufacturing process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Available capacities 32, 64, 128 GB
Standard SDXC
Interface UHS-II U3
Transfer speed read: up to 280 MB/s; write: up to 240 MB/s
Video Speed Class V90
Product dimensions 24,0 x 32,0 x 2,1 mm
Net weight 0,4 g
Packaging dimensions 103 mm (width) x 123 mm (height)
Gross weight 12 g
Power supply from host device
Operating temperature -25 do 85°C (recommended)
Storage temperature -40 do 85°C (recommended)
Operating and storage humidity 30 ~ 85% (recommended)
File system FAT32 / EXFAT
Warranty lifetime

Available products

Product MOQ P/N EAN
32GB CARD V90 (UHS II U3) 280/240 MB/s IRDM PRO GOODRAM 25 IRP-S9B0-0320R11 5908267911877
64GB CARD V90 (UHS II U3) 280/240 MB/s IRDM PRO GOODRAM 25 IRP-S9B0-0640R11 5908267911884
128GB CARD V90 (UHS II U3) 280/240 MB/s IRDM PRO GOODRAM 25 IRP-S9B0-1280R11 5908267911891