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New distribution partnership with Gigabyte Distribuzione

Wilk Elektronik SA, a European manufacturer of memory modules and owner of GOODRAM and IRDM brands has settled a distribution agreement with Gigabyte Distribuzione, an Italian distribution company, working with local electronic shops around Italy.

The agreement came into effect in Q4 2017 and allowed Gigabyte Distribuzione to offer Goodram branded solid state drives and memory modules, including the IRDM series.

Both companies share a strong experience in marketing memory products and a similar way they manage the business. They take care of the professional technical preparation, the use of only verified products, selected in the process of rigorous testing, the high quality of offered products and finally the balance between quality and prices.

The shared enthusiasm and credos reassure both enterprises to bring reliable and innovative products to the Italian market and together build a solid, longlasting partnership.

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