IRDM – New Brand For Gamers And Pros

Laziska Gorne, Poland, 1 September 2017

Wilk Elektronik SA, European manufacturer of memory and storage products under GOODRAM brand, dynamically expands its offering for the most demanding users, by creating new brand – IRDM. IRDM is an answer to huge demand for Wilk Elektronik’s high performance products based on number of commercial successes in this area.

IRDM is a new brand of storage and memory, which has its origin in products that were critically acclaimed all around the world. SSD Iridium Pro as the most popular GOODRAM branded SSD in 2017, helped to maintain a positive image of the polish manufacturer who was able to deliver high quality products in competitive price. Various awards, industry accolades and wins in sales rankings, helped Wilk Elektronik to make the decision to spin off a separate brand called IRDM.

IRDM products are dedicated for anyone who’s in need of the highest performing and the most reliable products to fulfill their daily jobs or hobbies, without compromising on other features such as design or affordability. Potential customers include photographers, engineers, developers, filmmakers or extreme sports enthusiasts, gamers, esport players or modders. Despite reaching their target in different way they all need good tools to do it. These tools are IRDM branded Solid State drives, memory cards and memory modules.

IRDM product line is divided into 3 tiers: IRDM, IRDM Pro and IRDM Ultimate. Each product will be supplied in all tiers.

Within next weeks, Wilk Elektronik SA will launch first IRDM branded products, including the fastest Solid State Drives, one of the fastest memory cards in the world and memory modules based on critically acclaimed PLAY series.