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GOODRAM launches second generation of All-in-One mobile storage solution

GOODRAM launches second generation of All-in-One mobile storage solution,
expanding it with USB type C™ connector

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Wilk Elektronik, European storage manufacturer and owner of the GOODRAM brand, launches second generation All-in-One solution, which combines the functionality of 5 different devices. GODRAM M1A5 is a truly universal portable storage that enables moving data between legacy and current generation devices like PC, Macs, smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, car navigation systems or drones, equipped with different ports and connectors.

GOODRAM M1A5 is a set that includes memory card reader with USB 2.0, micro-USB and Type C™ connectors and Class 10 UHS-I micro card with SD adapter. This combination enables to move data between most of the devices available on the market, whilst limiting the number of adapters and storage devices needed to perform these kind of operations.

Syncing data and moving it between our devices is not always as easy as it seems. Usually the problem is caused by lack of Internet connection or limited interface compatibility between devices – says Wieslaw Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA.Second generation of our All-in-One device is now supplemented with a Type C connector, the most future proof type of USB. M1A5 is a perfect solution for users with legacy, current and next-generation devices who would like to move their data without the need of carrying dozens of cables and dongles – he adds.

GOODRAM M1A5 is available in capacities between 8 and 128 GB. The set consists of memory card reader with USB 2.0, type C and micro USB connectors, micro memory card and card adapter. Bundled memory card, based on UHS-I interface, can reach 60 MB/s read speed and at least 10 MB/s of write speed. Bundled memory card is covered under lifetime warranty and the adapter is covered under 2-year warranty.