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GOODRAM introduces the fastest SSD from their new high-performance IRDM lineup

Wilk Elektronik SA, European storage and memory manufacturer and owner of GOODRAM and IRDM brands, introduces a top performing SSD based on the PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. IRDM Ultimate SSD reaches up to 2 900 MB/s transfer speed and 270 000 IOPS. IRDM Ultimate joins IRDM Pro and IRDM as a centerpiece of lineup dedicated for the most demanding users.
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Laziska Gorne, Poland, 20 February 2018

By utilizing PCI Express 3 x4, fast MLC NAND and 8-channel Phison PS5007 controller, IRDM Ultimate aims to be a go-to storage upgrade for every demanding user. The newest member of IRDM lineup reaches up to 2 900 MB/s read and 2 200 MB/s write speeds. Additionally it can process up to 235 000 read and 270 000 write operations per second. Use of NVMe drastically reduces latency vs. AHCI based SATA III and PCI-Express drives. The M.2 2280 drive comes with aluminum heatsink, which regulates the temperature of components and limits the thermal throttling, often experienced in this type of Solid State Drives.

The success of IRDM and IRDM Pro Solid State Drives was critical for our decision to extend our high performance offering as well as refresh and spin off a new brand – says Wiesław Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA. IRDM ULTIMATE is the most efficient SSD that we’ve ever created and we hope IRDM brand will become synonymous with the highest quality and reliability in the professional environment – he adds.

On the release date, IRDM Ultimate SSD will be available in capacities between 120 and 480 GB. Drive is available in M.2 2280 form factor with optional HHHL AIC adapter. Every SSD comes with a branded aluminum heatsink which reduces the operating temperature and increases the sustained performance. IRDM Ultimate SSD is covered under 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and free technical support.