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GOODRAM introduces IRDM DDR4 SODIMM memory modules

Wilk Elektronik SA, European manufacturer of memory products and owner of the GOODRAM and IRDM brands, introduces its first high performance DDR4 SODIMM DRAM modules designed for mobile and small form factor desktop PCs. Just couple weeks after the introduction of IRDM X DIMM memory modules, polish manufacturer bolsters its portfolio with another product from the gaming and enthusiast-oriented IRDM brand.
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Poland, Laziska Gorne, 06.03.2018


IRDM DDR4 SODIMM memory modules are manufactured in Poland, using only premium memory chips. All modules are thoroughly tested to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. Additionally, modules are enclosed in a sleek heatsink that helps to dissipate heat from its surface. As SODIMM modules are usually cramped in tight slots, a proper heat management is necessary to ensure stable operations.

IRDM DDR4 SODIMM modules are the next step in building our presence within the most demanding user demographics – says Wiesław Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik SA. With the rise of professional and gaming laptops and small form factor PCs, we want their users to experience the full-size-desktop class perfomance – he adds.

IRDM memory modules are available in capacities between 4 and 16 GB. Customer can choose between three clock frequencies: 2133, 2400 and 2666 MHz with 14-14-14 or 15-15-15 and 16-18-18 timings subsequently. Just like other IRDM memory modules, IRDM SODIMM DDR4 are covered under lifetime warranty with free technical support.